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My HorseRaces screen For Australian and international race horse enthusiasts who....
are serious analysts....
want a tool that puts them in control....

My HorseRaces offers a wide range of transparent options and analytical techniques which can be applied to race data. Users can:

My HorseRaces is ideally suited to those who already spend significant time analysing race form and who want a simple and transparent tool to assist them but want to control the analysis of it - including control over the setting of best values for crucial influences such as class weights used in weight ratings and the basis of odds computation.
Who might benefit from My HorseRaces?
How might they benefit?

You may enter race data manually or you may upload Australian or New Zealand race data electronically at the click of your mouse after you download race files from Racing Australia (RA) - prepaying RA for 'New Form' (last 5 starts) or 'Computer Form' (last 2 years) as a Racing Services Bureau (RSB) subscriber.

Three data bases are provided for you to add your own race data for analysis:

Data bases are easily copies or cleared of prior races. Regardless of location, if you enter race data manually, information on new horses and jockeys is sought from you as you enter data. If you upload race data electronically, new jockeys, horses and racecourses are added automatically and the new racecourses or jockeys are flagged for you to add information on them.

You can use the optimisation facility of My HorseRaces to determine which analytical techniques and options would have maximised returns from sets of past races that you select from your own data base as you build it up. A data base of 2004 horse races built up by the developer is provided with My HorseRaces. You can immediately use this 2004 data base to test the optimisation facility to see the benefits of building up a bank of races over time (or, with My HorseRaces Basic, analyse individual races).

Results of use by the developer of the optimisation facilility on a series of data bases of Australian races - 2000, 2004, 2005, 2008 (metropolitan), 2008 (country), 2009, 2012, 2014/15 and 2017 - help shape the default option and parameter settings in My HorseRaces. All these results should also help users choose their own settings for the races they follow.

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You may either:

My HorseRaces Basic is ideal for evaluation purposes or for analysis of occasional race meetings (for example, the annual Melbourne Cup meeting).
With My HorseRaces Basic:

Both versions of My HorseRaces incorporate a comprehensive user's guide in Microsoft® Help format.

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